QWIK-PURE® Oil-Water Separator

QWIK-PURE® Oil-Water Separator | Oil Water Separator Condensate Management


The First Active Oil-Water Separator

Classic Oil-Water Separators based on the principle of gravity separation can hardly be improved in term of process technology. So, as condensate technology experts with decades of experience, we have paid special attention to the people who work with the product. What is important to them, what drives them and how can we give them the highest degree of decision-making reliability and flexibility while integrating the requirements of modern industry? As a result, we present the QWIK-PURE®, the first active Oil-Water Separator with which we have fundamentally redefined condensate treatment and will change it worldwide.

Safe : Unique Process, Functional And Future-proof

Due to the innovative mode of operation, a maximum of process an functional reliability is achieved. The integrated control system permanently displays the remaining capacity and thus ensures transparency and pliability. It also guides you through the quick and easy cartridge change and helps with services tasks via a local WLAN network. And if the power should fail, the fail-safe function ensures safe operation. In this case, the QWIK-PURE®, behaves like a conventional gravity separator.

Extremely Flexible And Future –proof

The integrated mad bus interface  enables integration into higher-level monitoring and control systems and provides additional future-proofing thanks to its IIOT capability

Clean: Ergonomic Operation Protects Operators

The absorbed oils are bound in the hermetically sealed cartridges. This reliably protects the operators from contamination and complies with the limit values for the discharged waste water-regardless of the compressor type and the oils used. The full cartridges can be replaced ergonomically and weigh less than 25 kg.

Integrated monitoring saves resources

The integrated monitoring optimally utilizes the cartridges. This means that no capacity and valuable resources are wasted. This alone more than compensates for the minimum energy consumed.

Modular: QWIK-PURE® simply grows with you

Each QWIK-PURE® model can be easily expanded or scaled down according to current needs. This creates decision-making reliability and additional safety. And because exactly the same cartridge is used in all models, procurement and stock-keeping become even easier.

QWIK-PURE® Oil-water Separators

The QWIK-PURE® active oil-water separator marks the start of a completely new era in condensate treatment. This applies in particular to handling, cartridge replacement, service and the possibility of simply growing with changing requirements.






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