Oil Water Separator Condensate Management

Compressed-air condensate is often made up of 99% water and 1% oil. For this season, the treatment of condensate containing oil in situ using ÖWAMAT ® oil/water separation systems is always cheaper than costly disposal by specialist companies.

ÖWAMAT ® oil/water separation systems do not entail energy costs, as a result of the system used. ÖWAMAT ®, which has proven its worth and been further developed over many years, fulfils the essential statutory regulations; the cleaned water can be introduced into the sewer system without a problem. Granted general approval of the building inspectorate by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

ÖWAMAT ® oil/water separation systems are synonymous with safe treatment – low on maintenance, space-saving and user-friendly.

ÖWAMAT ® oil/water separation systems have 2 different types which are:

  • ÖWAMAT ® oil/water separation with Preseparation
  • ÖWAMAT ® oil/water separation without Preseparation

Beside this, we also have sale Replacement Filter Set for ÖWAMAT ®.

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