BEKOMAT® Condensate Drain System

Condensate Drainage with BEKOMAT®

With more than 5,000,000 devices installed worldwide, BEKOMAT® condensate drains are the industrial standard for reliable and economic condensate discharge.

The comprehensive BEKOMAT® programme makes it possible to select an optimum device for almost every compressor capacity and type, as well as for specific system pressures and operating conditions. Special BEKOMAT® devices are available for extremely aggressive condensates, hazardous areas (EX protection), low pressure or vacuum conditions and no-load operation of multi- stage compressors.

During compressed-air generation and processing, the optimum quality for the respective application should be achieved. The most important target is to remove contaminations and humidity from the compressed air, as these can lead to quality deteriorations, failures or even to a loss of production or to products which cannot be used.

Loss-free condensate drainage

The generation and processing of compressed air always involves the formation of condensate which, in most cases, contains oil, is contaminated with dirt particles and disperses over the entire compressed-air network. A system problem which can cause costs and damage. In addition, condensate does not accumulate regularly but varies depending on the climate, temperature, season, time of day or on the capacity utilisation of the compressor.

This is a very common problem and often results in elevated costs, damage and downtime. Using an electronically level-controlled BEKOMAT® the condensate in the compressed air system is drained automatically. The intelligent electronics prevent compressed air losses and minimize the energy input required.

Process-safe, reliable and efficient. Here are the BEKOMAT® key features:

  • Unique sensor detects all kinds of condensate
  • High dirt resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully automatic monitoring
  • Saves energy, costs and lower CO, emissions
  • Extensive portfolio of custom equipment for special applications

“Save resources, increase efficiency: the BEKOMAT® principle”

Introducing our available BEKOMAT® product:

  1. BEKOMAT® Standard Units

The BEKOMAT® range includes the Standard Models 12,13,14,16 and 20 and offers a suitable low-energy solutions for virtually all applications. The integrated capacitive sensor for volume controlled condensate discharge helps save energy and enhances efficiency – which is what you would expect from a BEKOMAT®.

  1. BEKOMAT® with Service Unit

Easy and risk-free operation-with the innovative BEKOMAT® 31U, 32U ,33U and 33U CO models. The function-tested service unit contains all components that require maintenance. Simply attach the service unit by means of the quick–mount mechanism to the permanently installed control and sensor unit.

  1. BEKOMAT 20 | 20FM for Filters and Water Separators  
  • BEKOMAT® 20 is a sturdy condensate drain designed for use in water separators, filters and similar equipment. It is suitable for oil-lubricated as well as oil-free compressors.
  • BEKOMAT® 20FM with Integrated Filter Management (Filter Service Life Monitor and Indicator) is a cost – effective monitoring solution for the connected filter element.
  1. BEKOMAT® Special Models
  • BEKOMAT® 03/06 LA / LALP / LP : Condensate drain in CO or stainless steel with/without idle load valve especially for high-pressure, multi-stage and turbo compressors, also for low pressure.
  • BEKOMAT® 03/06, CO or Stainless Steel–ATEX: Condensate drain also for explosive environments.
  • BEKOMAT® 08/09: Condensate drain also for large compressor in particular in refineries, petrochemicals, chemical industry and petroleum plants.
  • BEKOMAT® 03/06 VACU: Condensate drain specialized for applications in vacuum systems.





Standard Unit 12, 13, 14, 16, 20 CO / CO PN
With Service Unit 31U, 32U ,33U, 33U CO
For Filter & Water Separators 20, 20 FM
Special Model 03 / 06 LA / LALP / LP
03 / 06 CO or Stainless Steel –ATEX
08 / 09
03 / 06 VACU

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