Maintenance & Servicing

We had excellent professional teams to provide a professional servicing and help you to maintain your compressor and also your compressed air system works in smooth and keep your machine in long life time.

Our servicing have:

  1. Air Compressors / Compressed Air System
  • Normal Service / Full Service for Air Compressor
  • To Rewind Air Compressor Main Motor
  • Overhaul Compressor
  • Design / Redesign & Build / Re-build your Compressed Air System
  • Trouble Shooting & Repairing Compressor
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Maintenance Kits For Compressor
  • Repairing BEKOMAT® Condensate Auto Drain
  1. Air Dryer, Desiccant Dryer & Accessories
  • To provide Inspection Service Air Dryer
  • Chemical Service Air Dryer
  • Airjet Service Air Dryer
  • To Repair & Service Air Dryer / Desiccant Dryer
  • To supply Replacement Filter Element for Air Dryer
  1. Air Receiver Tank
  • To supply & install Air Receiver Tank
  • Replacement Manhole Gasket for Air Receiver Tank
  • To pressure clean internal & external surface Air Receiver Tank
  • To use special tools to check all the pipe holes, make sure no blocking & improve air flow passing across
  • To manually clean internal column with special tools to remove strong stain and carbon composition
  • To repainting for receiver tank
  • To replace safety valve for receiver tank
  • To registration New, DOSH,JKKP, SL & PMT for Receiver Tank

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