NAILI Rotary Vane Compressor

NAILI Vane Compressors are widely used in transportation, mining, metal smelting, textile pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, cement, food, printing, packaging, shipping, painting, electrical, power transmission, medical and other industries.

Features & Benefits

A) Low Maintaining Cost

  • Operation of maintaining is only changing oil cleaning or replacing air filter at set time interval and clean radiator. Oil / air separators are need to be replaced every 8,000 to 10,000 working hours and largely save cost.

B) Automatic Flow Rate Control

  • The serve valve in inlet is designed as maximum flow and decrease unnecessary pressure loss. When compressor in full-load, the air suction valve will open totally. As requirement decrease, internal pressure increase, servo valve gradually close gas inlet valve, adjust realistic gas production and meet customer changing demands. Make sure you only need expert needed energy for completing work and can not cause excessive waste. It can realize accurate match between power consumption and air consumption so decrease energy cost and save cost.

C) Compact Compressing Unit

  • Compact character is one of important features of NAILI compressor oil cavity and separator, check and servo valve, air valve and oil filter are all integrated into compressors.

D) Control Panel

  • The control panel is easy and practical, easy operation, auto/continual modes for choose, Chinese/English two languages for choose, reserve remote control connector to realize remote control.

E) Energy Consumption

  • The compressor is designed extremely precise, energy consumption of every m3/min gas exhaust volume is the minimum in similar products which make it very economically proper for installing demands.

F) Air Quality

  • The exclusive three-stage oil separating system guarantees an oil carry-over in the air less than 1.5PPM. The coolers guarantee air temperatures no higher than 5-10°C above the room temperature.

G) Durable

  • Low rotating speed (only 1480 r.p.m), low abrasion and low noise ensure long service life.

H) Fan Power

  • Main motor drive compressor and cooling fan at the same time (it equips one single motor drive for general type air compressor, only increase electricity consumption and malfunction opportunity).

I) Reliability

  • These compressors can operate everyday 24 hours and every year 12 months under normal pressure. NAILI compressor can work over 100,000 hours.

J) Noise Level

  • The level of noise decrease largely and conforms to current regulation.
Introducing our available NAILI Rotary Vane Compressor :
  1. AZE  Series

AZE Series vane compressor range includes AZE1.5, AZE 2.2 & AZE 3.0 is a compact design rotary vane compressor. Commonly used for compressed air supply in vehicles such as green buses and airport shuttle buses etc.

2. AZT Series 

  • AZT Series vane compressor range includes AZT 5.5, AZT 7.5, AZT 11 & AZT 15 which is a specially designed for public transportation like Railway Train and Metro. The unit have oil system, suction system, separation system. So that unit can work with higher efficiency and easier to be maintained when it needs.

3. A Series

  • A Series vane compressor range includes A4, A5.5, A7.5, A11, A15, A18.5, A22, A30, A37, A45 & A55 is simplified appearance design on base of without change air end, decrease cost of whole machine and lift ratio of equipment cost performance. Open whole machine structure to make it easier to repair and maintain. Concise control panel can make person who firstly using understand how to operate.

4. AB Series

  • AB Series vane compressor range includes AB 4, AB 5.5, AB 7.5, AB 11, AB 15, AB 18.5, AB 22, AB 30, AB 37, AB 45 & AB 55  is super silent rotary vane compressors operate between 67 dB (A) – 76 Db(A). The AB series features an intelligent control system, state monitoring and protection system  remote control function, easy operation and supports a user friendly interface. This model is most suitable for applications which demand noise to be kept to a minimum and it is one relatively high-quality air compressor.

5. MD Series

  • MD Series vane compressor range includes MD 30, MD 37, MD 44, MD 75, MD 110, MD 135, MD 180, MD 220, MD 275 & MD 330 is a double engine design vane type compressor series, used for more–compressed air supply in industries, MD series can run in low-load state when less air volume demand. According to less air volume demand compressor can adjust working state at any moment in order to better suit small and medium-sized industries.

 6. AH Series

  • AH Series vane compressor range includes AH 4L, AH 7L, AH 15L, AH 18L, AH 4H, AH 11H, AH 15H & AH 22L is a NAILI Hydraulic compressor converts hydraulic power into compressed air. Compressor circuit is very compact. Compact design makes it excellent and easy to carry load.

 NAILI Rotary Vane Compressor Catalogue

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