Replacement Filter Set for ÖWAMAT®

The ÖWAMAT® oil-water separator, high-performance quality product comes with a 2 year warranty. To ensure trouble-free and efficient operation use only original components. Operation with third-party components or consumables shall void the warranty. Original OEKOSORB® Replacement Filters Original filters guarantee high performance, operational safety and compliance with water protection legislation. OEKOSORB® Filter Kit Like all high-performance …

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Screw Type Compressor

Screw Type Compressor A screw type air compressor is a type of air compressor which uses a rotary-type positive mechanism. Screw compressors can commonly be found where large volumns of high-pressure air are in need. When your application requires continuous air demand, a screw compressor is the way to go.

Rental Compressor

We have a wide range of compressors are available for rental. Our machines are operationally ready to meet your compressed needs. These machines are rented on a short term or long term. Compressor Type : – Piston Screw Oil free Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane and etc.

Piston Type Air Compressor

Piston Type Air Compressor A piston/reciprocating compressor is a positive-displacement air compressor using a crankshaft powered by a piston and cylinders. The process of compressing air decreases its volume while increasing its density without turning it into liquid.

NAILI Vane Compressor

NAILI Vane Compressors are widely used in transportation, mining, metal smelting, textile pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, cement, food, printing, packaging, shipping, painting, electrical, power transmission, medical and other industries. Features & Benefits A) Low Maintaining Cost Operation of maintaining is only changing oil cleaning or replacing air filter at set time interval and clean radiator. Oil …

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Air Compressor

Air Compressor In our air compressor range, we have few types of compressor for your industries line to choose: Oil Lube Type Air Compressor Oil Free Type Air Compressor Screw Type Air Compressor Vane Type Air Compressor Piston Type Air Compressor & etc Beside of selling & trade in Air Compressor, we also provide Rental …

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BEKOMAT® Condensate System

Condensate Drainage with BEKOMAT® With more than 5,000,000 devices installed worldwide, BEKOMAT® condensate drains are the industrial standard for reliable and economic condensate discharge. The comprehensive BEKOMAT® programme makes it possible to select an optimum device for almost every compressor capacity and type, as well as for specific system pressures and operating conditions. Special BEKOMAT® devices are available for extremely …

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