CLEARPOINT® Compressed Air Filter

Everything speaks for CLEARPOINT® filter technology. Low operating costs, long lifetimes, excellent process reliability, efficient and dependable filtration of aerosol, oil and particles.
The CLEARPOINT® programme is a comprehensive one. The performance range goes from 35 to 34,680 m3/h and includes thread connection filters, flange filters and high pressure filters up to 500 bar. An activated–carbon adsorber and sterile/steam filter complete the range.

With our innovative 3E filter elements (3E = Energy Efficient Element) and flow-optimised, corrosion-protected housing construction, CLEARPOINT® offers safe and reliable filtration – and qualitatively better compressed air at significantly reduced operating costs.

Filtering in an extra energy – efficient manner Here are the CLEARPOINT® 3E key features:

  •  High-performance filtration, better compressed air quality and significantly reduced operating costs
  •  Improved separation efficiency
  •  High dirt-absorption capacity
  •  Super –low differential pressure
  •  Performance – optimized column flow- higher by up to 30%
  •  Filters also available as water separators: CLEARPOINT® 



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