QWIK-PURE® Cartridge

One Cartridge Fits All QWIK-PURE ® Models : –

 * Ergonomically Designed

When developing the cartridges, we primarily thought about the users: The inlet tube was designed as a handy and stable handle so that the cartridge can be easily transported and mounted. Thanks to the controlled drainage, even a fully saturated cartridge weighs less than 25 kg.

* Clean Cartridge Change

A reliable closing valve is integrated in the base so that nothing drips onto the floor after changing the cartridge. The blind plugs supplied for the upper openings ensure that no liquids can escape there either.

* Consistently Hygienic

Due to the hermetically sealed design, neither users nor service personnel come into contact with the absorbed substances inside. Everything that has been bound in the pre-filter and main filter reliably remains here and does not contaminate people in the vicinity or the discharged processed condensate.

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